1. Paul Mueller
Photography by Paul Mueller
A history and psychology teacher at Madison High School for over thirty years , Paul has been an avid photographer for an equal time. He has five photos published nationally and was the winner of a national photo contest in 2008.


2. Debra Petitti Saffron

Debra received her BFA in Art Education from Monmouth University and  has worked as the head art instructor at the Atelier Gallery in Madison for the past six years. 
Debra has shown her work in numerous exhibitions including at the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center in Brooklyn, NY, Mortimer Gallery in Gladstone, NJ, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in NYC, Atelier Gallery and the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey in Madison, Petite Gallery, Louisa Melrose Gallery in Frenchtown, NJ, and Limner Gallery in NYC.

3. Priscilla Petitti Flores

Priscilla is an artist working in oil paint, photography, and clay.  She is fascinated with the creative process and her work deals with the artist’s journey and the process as it manifests itself in the images to which she is drawn

4. Monika Stebbins

Hat by Monika Stebbins

Monika studied millinery in Germany with millinery masters Christel Glock and Richard Lang and later took a master class in England, with Stephen Jones and Shirley Hex (who taught both Stephen Jones and Philip Treacy, among many others).

In her studio in Madison, NJ, she designs and creates all her handmade hats which are fashioned  from fine materials, with traditional and modern millinery techniques.


5. Sandra McBryan

Sandra has been drawing and painting all her life.  After her children were grown, she entered the Art School at Wayne State University where she earned a BFA.  Working mostly in graphite and charcoal, she won several medals for her work in University art shows with her etchings, charcoal, oil paint and graphite drawings. Sandra’s art has been influenced by the different locations where she has lived including Detroit, MI, Baton Rouge, La. Cincinnati, OH and Düsseldorf, Germany.

6. Sally Lipson Lebwohl

Working mostly in pastels enables Sally to combine her interest in drawing, pure pigment, paper and light. Her landscapes often begin en plein air.  Sally has worked in art galleries  and architecture firms in New York  and Boston, and received a BA in Studio Art from Connecticut College.  She also studied at Boston Architectural Center and has lived with her family in Madison for nine years.

7. Maria Lupo

Mixed Media by Maria Lupo

A native of Newark, NJ,  Maria attended Rutgers University where she received a BFA  and Hunter College CUNY  where she earned an MFA in Sculpture. Through Rutgers University, Maria was able to study sculpture in Cennina, Italy, and her time in Tuscany proved to be a major influence on her work as well as a new artistic direction for the artist. Maria has also completed her Post-Masters Specialization in Art Therapy at Caldwell College and holds a second Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. A recipient of the NJ State Council on the Arts fellowship award, Maria’s work is included in many public and private collections.


8. Dennis McKee

Painting by Dennis McKee

Dennis has been a graphic designer for over 30 years, designing brochures, identity, packaging and websites.  After a long and successful career, he turned his talents toward fine art oil painting, mostly landscapes.  Dennis and his wife, Diane Mann,  moved to New Jersey from Northern California in 2010 , and these days he is concentrating on east coast landscapes where he notices a definite shift in color and composition as  compared to his works done on the west coast.


9. Ian Thompson

Ian Thompson is an artist living in Madison, NJ. His work skips and flits about through many mediums, primarily video and sound. Keep an eye out for him at your local grocery store.


10. Medy Bozkurtian

Watercolor by Medy Bozkurtian

Born in Bulgaria, Medy began her studies of classical piano and drawing at an early age, and after arriving in the U.S. continued her piano studies at the Juilliard School of Music, and later oil painting at the Art Students’ League, both in New York City. In recent years, she has been exploring and enjoying working with watercolors, and studied this fascinating medium at the New Jersey Center for Visual Arts. 

Medy has exhibited her work at  the Salmagundi Club in NYC with the American Artists Professional League, the National Art Club in Gramarcy Park, NYC with the Catherine Lorillard Worle Art Club,  the Pen & Brush in NYC, the Park Avenue Club, the NJ Center for Visual Arts, Seton Hall University, the Madison, Chatham and Morris County Libraries, Morristown Memorial and Overlook Hospitals, and Frelinghuysen Arboretum in Morristown.


11. Jinnie May

Watercolor by Jinnie May

Jinnie May began a career in a non-art related position in the pharmaceutical industry. After retirement in 2000 she  took a watercolor class in Bermuda with Bryan Atyeo, a wonderful Canadian artist and teacher—and she was hooked.

Jinnie has studied with  Toni Chaplin, Frank Webb, Serge Hollerbach, Skip Lawrence, Don Andrews, Judi Betts, Alvaro Castagnet and Pat DewsShe takes inspiration from the California watercolor artists of the past including  Rex Brandt, George Post and Barse Miller .

Jinnie has exhibited in many local and statewide shows, winning numerous awards and many of her original paintings are in private collections. 
She is a member of The New Jersey Water Color Society.


Check back soon for the following artist’s bios:

12. Nancy Sargent

Painting by Nancy Sargent

13. Anjali Srivastava

Painting by Anjali Srivastava

14. Eric Kazmirek

Photograph by Eric Kazmirek

15. Elizabeth Hammonds

Painting by Elizabeth Hammonds

16. Rosemary Cunningham

Photograph by Rosemary Cunningham

Rosemary Cunningham is a New York-based photographer who has been working on her series, “Primary New York City,” since 2009.   With camera in pocket, she has focused on the red, blue and yellow in her surroundings.  She sees her photography as a spiritual practice of paying attention.


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