A young artist painting a statue at one of MACA's community events.

A young artist painting a statue at one of MACA’s community events.

About MACA

The Madison Arts & Culture Alliance (MACA) is a coalition of arts organizations, cultural institutions, neighbors, colleagues and friends dedicated to encouraging collaborations among the wide-ranging cultural offerings in “the Rose City.”

MACA facilitates exciting new connections, strategic partnerships and creative collaborations — frequently between people and institutions whose paths otherwise might not have crossed. It brings together artists, arts administrators, educators, parents, businesspeople, community leaders and others, all with a common goal: to support the cultural institutions and programs that have such a positive impact on Madison’s economy and quality of life.

The Alliance evolved out of a roundtable of artists which meets every Wednesday for coffee and conversation. Modeled after the famous Algonquin Roundtable of the 1920s, the Nautilus roundtable is regularly attended by MACA members as well as other supporters of our local arts and culture community, and serves as a creative resource for MACA.

The goal of our website is to list the numerous artistic and cultural events available in Madison and to put you in touch with our members. We hope you use our calendar often and take advantage of the wealth of great programs and events happening right here in town. We also hope that you will support our efforts by becoming a member of MACA.

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