Bottle Hill Day Music Schedule 2013images

 Subject to change and/or refinement!

Waverly Stage:


10:00-10:30 Madison High School Marching Band


10:30-11:00 The Morris Music Men

Morris Music Men

Morris Music Men

Morris Music Men  are an all male a cappella ensemble performing vocal selections featuring barbershop harmony.


11:15-11:30- 36 Mad Ave.

Drew University’s all male a capella group


11:30-12:30 The Unplugged

Acoustic versions of classic, alternative, and grunge rock songs. Some of the bands covered are Bad Company, Foo Fighters, and Pearl Jam


12:30-12:45 All of the Above

Drew’s co-ed a capella singing group


1:00-2:00 Kings Road

Comprised of local parents, Kings Road plays an appealing blend of alternative/light/acoustic rock with harmony vocals and melodic instrumentation. Songs from such artists as the Counting Crows, Brandi Carlile, Sheryl Crow and the Decemberists.


2:00-2:15 On a Different Note

Drew’s all female a capella group


2:30-3:30 Rosewood

Rosewood will play pop/rock songs in an acoustic arrangement. The band members include, Mary McManus (vocals, percussion), John McManus (guitar, vocals), Leo McClusky (guitar, vocals) and Zak Rizvi (guitar, vocals)

* Want to hear more? Rosewood is playing at:

The RIVER GRILLE, 34 River Road, Chatham, NJ,  9:30 PM

Oct 5th, 2013


4:00-5:00 Jumping the Gun Band

Jumping The Gun Band plays classic rock of The Beatles, Stones, Springsteen and Petty up to Grace Potter and Amy Winehouse.  A great mix of the songs you grew up with and still enjoy today.  If you are looking for a band for your next party, fund raiser or block party Jumping The Gun Band delivers.



Central Ave. Stage


10:00-10:30 Daniel Callan

Dan Callan is a solo guitarist and vocalist.


10:30-11:15 Fraternal

A blues rock trio.


11:45-12:30 The Dairy Farmers

Current Madison High School juniors and a freshman make up The Dairy Farmers, a local band that plays a mix of alternative and classic rock. Their repertoire includes music by artists Radiohead, Allman Brothers and Modest Mouse.


1:00-2:00 The House Rockers

Former Madison High School alumni (Classes of 1979 through 1981) will perform as The Houserockers. They first played together as students at Madison High, entertaining local fans with their takes on songs from artists including Louis Prima, Steve Miller, Eddie Floyd and Warren Haynes


2:30-3:30 Sunnyside Jazz with Kathleen Wallace

Vocalist Kathleen Wallace and Sunnyside Jazz perform a toe-tapping collection of standards from the 1940’s and 50’s as well as jazz-pop hits from the 60’s and 70’s. Please join them, and remember, dancing and singing along is encouraged!


4:00-5:00 No Shame

No Shame, featuring Connor Forde, Neal Forde, Alex Vezza and Tommy Anderson fuses hip hop, funk and reggae and will be  doing both originals and covers.



Museum Stage


10:00-11:45 Jeff Webb

Solo guitarist and singer playing music you’ll know with a little down home flavor. Covering artists like Johnny Cash, Jimmy Buffet and the Lovin’ Spoonful.

 11:00-11:45  Mama D & the Vexations

– Mama D & the Vexations is an acoustic cover band from Morristown, NJ. They offer a diverse repertoire including everything from Aretha Franklin to P!nk and and Janis Joplin. featuring MHS alum, Donna Ward


12:00-1:30 Drew University Madrigal Singers


12:45-1:30  Rachael Marie

Rachel Marie, Museum Stage 12-1:30PM

Rachel Marie, Museum Stage 12-1:30PM


2:00-3:00 Mosaic

Mosaic combines the soul of folk with the energy of rock music.  Performing originals and covers, singer-keyboardist Ginny Johnston is joined by Don Bowen (guitar), Bob Funesti (bass) and Dan DeRienzo (drums

3:15-4:00 The Dan Crisci Trio

The Dan Crisci Trio plays a mix of great American standards, tunes by jazz composer, and original tunes by Dan.  Dan is on keyboard along with Bob Funesti on bass and Dan DeRienzo on drums


4:00-5:00 Swampgrass Jug-Band 

The Swampgrass Jug Band  Museum Stage 4-5PM

The Swampgrass Jug Band, Museum Stage 4-5PM


Madison Public Schools Stage


10:00 CAS Flute/Trumpet Ensembles

10:20 Lauren Morrison

10:30 Maggie Salko

10:40 Sophia Matos

10:45 CAS Chorus

11:00 TJS Chorus

11:10 Jamie Habib

11:20 KRS Chorus

11:30 Violin Duet

11:45 David Delavan

11:50 CAS/TJS/KRS Strings

12:30 Patty Doyle

1:10 Mitre Sha and Emma Schuszler

1:20 Peri Munter & Elizabeth Monekemeier

1:30 Vivian Sherman

1:40 Suditi Rahematpura

1:45 MJS a capella

2:00 Spotlight Kids Co- Anne of green Gables

2:25 Kaitlin & Heather McCulloch

2:50 Clara Smith

3:00 Amy Jung

3:15 Ransom Silliman

3:25 Morgan Sanchez


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