NOVEMBER 27, 2015

THANK YOU  to all who participated in  the Holiday Arts Festival. Click on the links for the artists and venues to find out more about them.

These artists arescheduled to appear. We apologize for any additions, corrections, omissions to the line-up.

just added:  

THE  INFORMATION STATION  will be at 12 Waverly Place


at the Gazebo

on Waverly Place

12 noon- 1:00 PM

 CHRISTMAS CAROLING with The Madison Songsters-

The Songsters perform hit songs of the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s at nursing homes, senior centers and assisted care facilities in the Morris County area.The Songsters were organized in 1993, and in 2001 received an outstanding community service award from the Volunteers of Morris County.


at Poor Herbie’s 

13 Waverly Place

2:00-2:30 & 2:45-3:15

Mama D & the Vexations


Mama D & the Vexations is an acoustic cover band from Morristown, NJ. They offer a diverse repertoire including everything from Aretha Franklin to P!nk and and Janis Joplin. featuring MHS alum, Donna Ward.



at On A Roll     

50 1/2 Main Street


3:15-3:45 and  4:00-4:30

Darren O’Neill, Guitar

with guest artist Dave Graessle

Darren O'Neill-photo smaller

Darren O’Neill is an Assistant Professor at Montclair State University and serves as the Coordinator of Guitar Studies in the John J. Cali School of Music.




at Drip Coffeehouse

  24 Main Street 


1:00-1:30 and 1:45-2:15 

 Aquino, singer-songwriter, actor



“Acoustic tales from urban, suburban and intergalactic landscapes”




2:30-3:00 & 3:15-3:45

Christine DeLeon, singer-songwriter

Christine DeLeon



4:00-4:30 &  4:30-5:00

Jane Keitel, musician/actor/teaching artist

Jane Keitel



Paul Mueller- Paul Mueller photography





at Grace Episcopal Church

4 Madison Avenue 


Robert Butts

maestro Butts


Robert Butts, Composer
Presenting:    Je T’aime- songs of Robert Butts

with special guests including- Emily Thompson & Brian Jamieson. 




John Pivarnik,

Presenting “Four Hand” duets with guest Nan Childress-Orchard

John Pivarnik, pianist, is organist/choirmaster at Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church, Essex Fells, and works as a freelance instrumental and  vocal accompanist.  He also performs solo recitals throughout the metropolitan area.  Mr. Pivarnik did his undergraduate studies in piano and organ at Susquehanna University, majoring in piano performance.  He pursued graduate piano study at Temple University, Philadelphia, and studied Liedbegleitung and piano at Cologne Musik Hochschule in Cologne, Germany.  He teaches piano privately in Madison and performs frequently with The Baroque Orchestra of New Jersey and the Amitie Trio.




 Simply Brass


Brass ensemble



at Shanghai Jazz

24 Main Street


Jerry Vezza, Jazz pianist

Jerry Vezza, jazz pianist!prettyPhoto[drown-in-my-own-tears-shanghai-jazz]/0/




at The Museum of Early Trades & Crafts

9 Main at Green Village Road 


The Gargoyles

 vocal  ensemble

Young men’s a cappella ensemble


2:30-3:00  &   3:15-3:45

Paula Davidoff, storyteller

Paula Davidoff, storyteller

Paula Davidoff, storyteller

Paula Davidoff is a teacher, writer, and mother of five. Her storytelling is a natural extension of all of these roles. Paula’s repertoire includes folktales from around the world.




at Studio Yoga

The James Bldg., 2 Green Village Road, upstairs

Dance Innovations (Photo by Walter Rodriguez)

Dance Innovations (Photo by Walter Rodriguez)


Dance Innovations Performance Company

Dance Innovations, celebrating over 25 years of dance, excellence in the arts, innovative training and service to the community for those less fortunate is run under the artistic direction of Susan McCutcheon Coutts. The studio’s philosophy is carried out so that the passion of dance reaches all areas of the community.


  at Investors Savings           

  6 Waverly Place


The Four Baris

Female  barbershop style quartet

The Four Baris


at Short Stories Community Book Hub

32 Main Street, 973-845-6086


Kings Road


A local favorite, Kings Road, based in Madison,plays an appealing blend of alternative light rock. 






Rosewood will play pop/rock songs in an acoustic arrangement. The band members include, Mary McManus (vocals, percussion), John McManus (guitar, vocals), Leo McClusky (guitar, vocals) and Zak Rizvi (guitar, vocals).





 Half Step Down

Half Step Down

Half Step Down is an acoustic/electric rock band from Madison, NJ.




at  The Provident Bank  

 98 Main Street




The Four Baris

A female  barbershop style quartet

The Four Baris

The Four Baris





at Rose City Framemakers     

12 Waverly Place, 2nd Floor

2:00- 4:00 PM

Andrew Pungot, caricaturist

Andrew Pungot
Andrew Pungot is a comic artist, illustrator, and caricaturist from New Jersey.For four years, he studied at Drew University with a major in Studio Art and a minor in Creative Writing. He also worked for the student newspaper, drawing editorial cartoons and a weekly comic strip.

After graduating in 2012, he began graduate school at the Savannah College of Art and Design to study comics.



Sally Lebwohl, artist

Exhibiting all day at Rose City Framemakers!





at REDUX Market 

   3 Central Avenue


12:30-1 and 1:15-1:45

Jeff Webb

Jeff Web

‘Acoustic folk/rock with a bit of twang’




2:00-2:30 & 2:45-3:15

 Patty Doyle, singer/songwriter



 at The Presbyterian Church of Madison

19 Green Avenue

Young  performers!  Madison Music and Art (MMA)

Featuring selections from an upcoming production of  The Sound of Music by Spotlight Kids                                ( a company of all young performers!)



12:00-5:00…MADISON MUSIC & ARTS, student performers- PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH-19 Green Ave.

12:30-1:00…Jeff Webb, acoustic folk/rock- REDUX- 3 Central Ave.

1:00-1:30…..Aquino, singer-songwriter- DRIP COFFEE- 34 Main St.

1:00-5:00…..Sally Lebwohl, painter -ROSE CITY FRAMEMAKERS-20 Waverly Pl., 2nd Floor

1:15-1:45…..Jeff Webb, acoustic folk/rock- REDUX- 3 Central Ave.

11:30-2:00…..Gargoyles, a cappella ensemble-MUSEUM OF EARLY TRADES & CRAFTS-9 Main St.

1:45-2:45…..Robert Butts, composer ‘Love Songs’-GRACE CHURCH- 4 Madison Ave.

1:45-2:15….. Aquino, singer-songwriter- DRIP COFFEE- 34 Main St.

2:00-3:00…..Kings Road, light rock-SHORT STORIES COMMUNITY BOOK HUB-32 Main St.

2:00-2:30…..Mama D & The Vexations, cover band-POOR HERBIE’S-13 Waverly Pl.

2:00-2:30….. Patty Doyle, singer-songwriter- REDUX- 3 Central Ave.

2:00-4:00…..Andrew Pungot, caricaturist- ROSE CITY FRAMEMAKERS20 Waverly Pl., 2nd Floor

2:30-3:00…..Christine DeLeon, singer-songwriter- DRIP COFFEE- 34 Main St.

2:30-3:00…..The Four Baris, female barbershop quartet-PROVIDENT BANK-98 Main St.

2:30-3:00…..Paula Davidoff, story teller- MUSEUM of EARLY TRADES & CRAFTS–9 Main St.

2:45-3:15…..Patty Doyle, singer-songwriter- REDUX– 3 Central Ave.

2:45-3:15….. Mama D & The Vexations, cover band-POOR HERBIE’S-13 Waverly Pl.

3:00-3:30…..John Pivarnik, pianist-GRACE CHURCH- 4 Madison Ave.

3:00-3:30…..Rosewood, acoustic pop/rock- SHORT STORIES COMMUNITY BOOK HUB-32 Main St.

3:00-3:30…..Dance Innovations Performance Co.-STUDIO YOGA-2 Green Village Rd. 3rd floor

3:15-3:45…..Darren O’Neill, classical guitar- ON A ROLL-50 ½ Main St.

3:15-3:45…..Paula Davidoff, story teller- MUSEUM of EARLY TRADES & CRAFTS-9 Main St.

3:15-3:45…..The Four Baris, female barbershop quartet- INVESTORS SAVINGS—16 Waverly Pl.

3:15-3:45….. Christine DeLeon, singer-songwriter- DRIP COFFEE- 34 Main St.

3:45-4:45…..Simply Brass, brass ensemble – GRACE CHURCH- 4 Madison Ave.

4:00-4:30…..Darren O’Neill, classical guitar- ON A ROLL-50 ½ Main St.

4:00-5:00…..Half Step Down,  electric/acoustic rock- SHORT STORIES COMMUNITY BOOK HUB-32 Main St.

4:00-5:00…..Jane Keitel, musician-vocalist- DRIP COFFEE- 34 Main St

4:30-5:15…..Jerry Vezza, jazz pianist-SHANGHAI JAZZ- 24 Main St.


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